Providing legal support

Since 2005, AWAJ has provided legal support to countless workers. To date, AWAJ has received almost 40,000 worker complaints regarding withheld benefits and payments.

AWAJ has successfully mediated around 30,000 complaints through negotiations with factory management. In total, workers received around €7.5m in compensation.

Over €500,000 was received by workers through labor court decisions with AWAJ assisting in the lawsuits.

Offering health care

Since 2008, AWAJ has provided free health support to workers. Almost 25,000 regular patients have been provided with ongoing medical support.

– Around 10,000 pathological tests conducted on workers.

– With help from AWAJ, 10 major operations and plastic surgery procedures on injured workers were performed free of charge.

 Free sanitary napkins are provided to all female patients.

Conducting awareness training

Training on Health Enable Return (HER): AWAJ achievement

Direct Beneficiaries: 2,000
Indirect Beneficiaries: 20,000

Training On Labor Law–06

Direct Beneficiaries: 55,000
Indirect Beneficiaries: 275,000

Training On Participation Committees

Direct Beneficiaries: 35,000
Indirect Beneficiaries: 175,000

– Training on Leadership

Direct Beneficiaries: 55,000
Indirect Beneficiaries: 275,000

Training on Trade Union Activities:
Direct Beneficiaries: 10,000
Indirect Beneficiaries: 30,000

– Training on Occupational Health and Safety:

Direct Beneficiaries: 50,000
Indirect Beneficiaries: 280,000

Mid-level Management Training on Bangladesh Labor Law-06 & Participation Committee

Direct Beneficiaries: 700
Indirect Beneficiaries: 10,000

Organizing Weekly seminars

AWAJ also conducts weekly seminars on computer training, tailoring, dance & song, and adult literacy. These programs have reached almost 3,000 workers.